Long before John Lewis and 60-plus Democratic lawmakers decided they would not attend the inauguration of El Trumpeto as president of the United States, I had decided there was no way I would watch the launch of the country’s biggest soap opera, the new D.C. Reality TV show!

Why? Because the person who is the 45th president of the United States spent his entire campaign scapegoating Black and Brown immigrants like me, and that is now only going to get worst.

Emboldened by his election, El Trumpeto and his supporters are planning to go all-out in their campaign to “Make America Great Again,” i.e., “Make America Más Blanco.”

Take for instance the group FAIR, which touts itself as a group “to promote immigration levels consistent with the national interest.” A day before the soap opera commencement, they used their new heralded king’s favorite communication tool, Twitter, to promote the hashtag #StopSanctuaryCities.

They were also gleefully promoting El Trumpeto and his cohorts’ plans to “get control of our immigration system” and for hardliner Jeff Sessions to become attorney general so he can do their bidding and begin the scapegoating of immigrants across the country.

In case you missed it, here are some preview highlights from the immigration script of this El Trumpeto soap horror featuring The Donald that we in the immigrant community will see soon according to the LA Times:

  1. Get ready for the “Big beautiful wall!” Next year’s Homeland Security department budget includes approximately $175 million set aside for upgrading Border Patrol buildings and adding new equipment, which could be diverted quickly to start construction on the El Trumpeto wall while Congress considers proposals to increase funding and the lies about Mexico repaying for the build become pervasive.

  2. The Donald can use his pen to end protection from deportation for hundreds of thousands of young immigrants, the Dreamers, as he has vowed to roll back all President Obama’s executive orders, especially on immigration. More than 740,000 young people subjected themselves to a background check and received two-year work permits under that program, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. If the program is canceled, those permits could be allowed to expire during The Donald’s first two years in office.

  3. Green card holders and undocumented immigrants who have committed even minor crimes are expected to be deported, along with approximately 800,000 people who were ordered removed but may still be in the U.S.

  4. More U.S. immigration agents will be sent to local jails to look for immigration violators so they could be deported.

  5. Prosecutions of immigration violations will increase.

  6. Fewer people will be eligible to request protection in the U.S. as the definition of what constitutes a “credible fear” of returning home probably will be narrowed. As one comedian recently put it, even if Jesus showed up as a Middle Eastern man in his robes with his 12 disciples today, he will be walled out.

  7. A revamp of the work visa system will reduce the flow of legal immigration.

And the scariest part of this drama is that the star of this reality show will be able to act on immigration without Congress under the wide legal authority handed to him by some 62 million people to control borders. As his main co-star Mike Pence said recently on NBC, “We’re going to move very quickly on the border.”

The saga is just beginning in the scapegoating of Brown and Black immigrants. Be afraid, be very afraid!.

The writer is CMO at Hard Beat Communications, Inc.