Stuart Appelbaum (29184)
Stuart Appelbaum

The president of the United States may have changed, but our values should not. 

All working women and men—all people—deserve to be treated with dignity, justice and respect, regardless of who is president. And we will fight any attempts to deny them. Too many immigrant workers, women, white workers and people of color feel trapped in an economy that fails them and only seems to reward those at the very top. 

We must bring working people together across their differences. We must help them understand their common interests. We must stand ready to fight and organize as a unified 21st century labor movement. Because working people desperately need strong unions.

You can’t say that you want to help working families and then turn around and attack unions. And we won’t stand idly by and let the new administration go after workers and their unions.

Together, we must transform our country from within and bring all communities into a larger progressive movement. A movement that lifts up all working people. A larger progressive movement that takes the energy and learns the lessons from the Occupy Movement and Black Lives Matter and the Bernie Sanders campaign and the Fight for Fifteen. A larger progressive movement that is inclusive and diverse. 

Together, we must build alliances and coalitions that can stand together for our values. Alliances that can stand up against all forms of bigotry and economic exploitation in all areas of society where our lives and the lives of other vulnerable communities are threatened. 

We must do this together because justice is indivisible. 

You cannot be for justice for some and not for justice for all.  Together, we must never stop fighting for what is right.