Local activists have scheduled a free-of-charge open-house on Saturday, Feb. 18, at All Souls Unitarian Church “Reidy Hall” ), where the community had the opportunity to address what organizers characterize as the rampant police terrorism and misconduct that has been plaguing inner-city communities for a very long time.

“The purpose of this ‘Free Conference’ is to provide the people of New York City with ‘open house’ information on the various legal and grassroots community-based organizations and/or coalitions that are doing work in the areas of police accountability, police reform, police brutality and abuse, police corruption, cop watch, neighborhood organizing, know your rights training, facilitator certification and community control over the police,” read the event’s press statement.

Because of the internet’s accessibility, many activists have learned that police misconduct isn’t just a local problem. Because of cellphone cameras, everyday citizens are capturing police misconduct and posting the footage on social media for all the world to see what is happening in their local communities.

This citywide open house by NYC community groups that fight against police misbehavior will be hosting a variety of activists and organizations that support this cause, including the Campaign For Community Control Over Police, the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Parents Against Police Brutality, People’s Organization For Progress, the Inmate Workers Organizing Committee, Campaign To Bring Mumia Home, Cop Watch Patrol Unit, Why Accountability, Rebel Diaz Arts Collective, The Universal Zulu Nation, A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, Stop Mass Incarceration Network, Elected Civilian Review Board Campaign, Roosevelt Island Public Safety Committee and Brooklyn Green Party.