Darrelle Revis (233024)
Credit: Bill Moore Photo

A year ago at the end of the NFL season, there was an early morning report that LeSean McCoy, running back for the Buffalo Bills, formerly with the Philadelphia Eagles, had been in a fight with policemen who were doing security in an after-hours spot in Philadelphia. There was extremely heavy press coverage for a week that went from we believe that one of the assailants involved was McCoy to an arrest for McCoy is imminent to warrants will be issued for McCoy’s arrest. One of the main reporters conducted his televised report outside of the presumed precinct that McCoy would turn himself in to. McCoy and his attorney eventually met with the district attorney, but that’s been the end of it.

Long story short, fast forward to last week, New York Jets cornerback, Darrelle Revis is accused of a variety of charges including felony assault, robbery and making terroristic threats after being accused of knocking out two men in a street fight who were harassing him late one night in a Pittsburgh neighborhood where Revis owns commercial property. Revis was forced to turn himself in. He did so last Thursday and was released and given a court day for today (Thursday), which was then postponed until March 15.

A Pittsburgh police representative said that a 22-year-old man approached Revis at 2:43 a.m. Sunday and began recording him after the Jets’ cornerback confirmed his identity after being asked. Revis then attempted to grab the guy’s cellphone to delete the video. A 21-year-old man then approached to help the first man retrieve the cellphone. An argument ensued. Another man walked up to help Revis, then both men were knocked unconscious. They were both on the ground for approximately 10 minutes.

Police claim that Revis’ involvement has been confirmed from the cellphone video, but a video has surfaced of the alleged assault, courtesy of TMZ. The voices heard on the film do not sound like that of Revis, nor does the video contain his image or likeness. The two men who were assaulted are seen laying in the street unconscious. Neither of the men can identify who actually knocked them out.