Crown Heights residents, activists and elected officials are saying no to the current plan of development of the Bedford Union Armory. There are plans to convert the armory into 300 housing units.

Saturday, Feb. 25, the people of Crown Heights held a rally in an effort to get Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo to kill the deal.

Crown Heights residents having been fighting against this plan for several years. Their original request was that Bedford Union Armory be used to create a recreation center for the community.

Councilwoman Diana Richardson discussed the wish for a recreation center at the rally, stating that you have to give the people what they want.

Residents also want the construction to be done by unions. Anthony Williamson, Local 79 organizer, spoke about the benefits of unions at the rally.

Richard Hurley, president of the Crown Heights Community Council, said that he also wants to see an end to this deal.

“I hope that the organizations stay together and we have Laurie Cumbo say no to this deal, so we can get on to community business and put in what the community needs, not towers,” Hurley said.

“The Crown Heights community has been very clear that they want real, spell it out—R.E. A. L. affordable housing,” Richardson said, adding that she will continue to use her power to fight.

“I am going to continue to do what I always been doing—I am going to continue to have events like the one we’re having today. I am going to continue to raise my voice and concerns at the table. I am going to continue to use the power of my office,” Richardson vowed.

The rally ended with a march through Crown Heights.