At the recent Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers CAAFD Emerging Designers showcase, Peruvian designer Sumy Kujon presented an amazing collection to hundreds of guests in attendance. Her clothes were delightful and stunning. Kujon has been a fashion designer for more than a decade. Her attention to detail in the collection was evident. Her shapes, colors and fabrics were incredible. In the collection, each of her pieces could be coordinated with the other. Some see-through fabrics offered an intimate view and sensual feel to her clothes.

Another designer, Lissa Koo from New York, showed off her international designs for SAKU New York at the CAAFD shows. When designing for her brand, she focuses on New York City style and utilizes very stark colors. For direction, there were two contrasting extremes in black and white that created an interplay of contrast in each piece. The models were perfectly chosen and styled. Some hairstyles featured plaits, whereas others simply fell straight. After the showcase, Koo appeared onstage to a monstrous standing ovation. From the look on the designer’s face, you could tell she knew how much the audience appreciated her designs.

Presented every season, the emerging designer showcase, sponsored by the CAAFD and iFashion Network, features a slew of emerging, talented and unique designers. Kujon and Koo both held true to the organization’s mission statement to “always be unique.”

The iFashion Network is an online portal for everything new and groundbreaking in fashion. The CAAFD is a nonprofit organization founded through a collaboration of efforts by a few key pioneers in the fashion industry with the ambitious goal of promoting fashion designers who aspire to expand their brand awareness and do business in the United States. The organization educates, promotes and empowers aspiring designers and fashion industry professionals.