Sheena Rose, Quick Sand,2016, Mixed Media on paper, 36" x 26" (233608)
Credit: Contributed

Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and the Caribbean Fine Art Fair proudly announced the opening of “My Home Is Not Your Backyard” with an opening reception Feb. 26. Curated by Oshun Layne, the exhibition (which runs locally until March 26) is a dual venue experience at The Grand Salle Gallery and Annex (Bridgetown, Barbados) and Corridor Gallery (Brooklyn, N.Y.).

The Caribbean is commonly associated with lush lands surrounded by endless horizons of sand and sea, a paradise to escape from the day-to-day realities of life. Infused with peoples of African, Amerindian, Asian and European descent, the Caribbean has an alluring appeal. Through advertisements and media, tourists are encouraged to come and play in this environment as though it is their backyard, at times ignoring the rich cultural life that exists there.

“My Home Is Not Your Backyard” seeks to create a visual dialogue that highlights the reality of Caribbean societies as opposed to how they are portrayed by the media and other sources. Featured artists present a series of multidisciplinary works that explore issues pertaining to economic and social injustice, racial and ethnic discrimination and constraints on personal growth, which many residents experience in their respective homelands, thus encouraging the viewer to re-examine the false images of the Caribbean narrative. Artists include Kennis Baptiste (Grenada), Gharan Burton (Dominica), Pepe Coronado (Dominican Republic), Easton Davy (Jamaica), Sophia Dawson (Jamaica), Nae Howard (Panama), Jamal Ince (Barbados), Leslie Jimenez (Dominican Republic), Melissa Matthews (Trinidad and Tobago), Charles Jean Pierre (Haiti), Moses Ros-Suarez (Dominican Republic), Sheena Rose (Barbados) and Jorge Valdes (Cuba).

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