Last week, I told you about an impending chili challenge initiated by a friend. In last year’s storm, he made a multi-meats chili that included buffalo and ostrich. He felt it could beat my simple beef and pork chili.

Although I certainly enjoyed a hot bowl of my meat and legume stew over steamed white rice, topped with melted pepper jack cheese, sour cream and diced avocado and scallions, the competition did not happen on that day. Perhaps our busy schedules will not allow our frozen leftovers to meet in battle. Alas, I am claiming the victory on this food challenge (I kinda know the AmNewsFOOD editor).

My leftovers will be consumed, as I have other ways to use my chili that are satisfying and fun. My favorite is my inside out taco bowl. It can be made as light or as heavy as you want, with or without carbohydrates. Normally, Chipotle might get my money on this, but if I have the fixin’s, I am doing it myself.

I start by making my favorite salad in a medium-sized bowl. For me, that is crisp green leaf lettuce, large diced cucumbers, sliced cherry tomatoes, grated carrot and thin sliced red onion. Easy. I dress it lightly with a simple vinaigrette and season with a little salt and black pepper.

I make a well in the middle of the salad so I can see the bottom of the bowl. Separately, I heat a good portion of my chili. When ready I pour the hot chili into the well of the bowl and top with diced avocado. Boom! Now, you wanna go there? I put all the fixings I normally put on a bowl of chili—cheese and sour cream—and then I crush up some corn chips on top of that for texture. Inside-out taco bowl, done!

The mixture of the hot chili with the cool salad ingredients, the creamy sour cream and avocado and the crunch from the chips makes a perfect bite every time. Get into it!

The other idea for my leftovers is—say it with me—nachos! They are just a different permutation of most of the ingredients above but for a fun impromptu gathering of friends.

However, at some point, one does need to give her body a break from chili. Leftovers anyone?

Happy eating and thanks for reading!

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