Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña today kicked off the application period for Summer in the City enrichment programs that offer students hands-on, STEM-oriented and college-aligned curricula, as well as educational visits to New York City cultural institutions. The SITC enrichment programs, now in their second year, are for students in grades 2 to 12, and will run from July 5 through Aug. 15, at more than 250 sites in all five boroughs, serving approximately 30,000 students.

These programs help prevent summer learning loss and ensure that students return to school in the fall ready to succeed. A Family Guide to Summer Enrichment is being backpacked home this week and will be available at schools.

“These summer enrichment programs are part of our work to deliver equity and excellence for students, and I encourage families to find a Summer in the City program that will support their child’s learning,” said Fariña. “These engaging programs go hand in hand with the work we are doing to get all second graders reading on grade level, ensure all ninth graders complete algebra and to support computer science education for all students.”

Along with optional enrichment programs, Summer in the City also includes high-quality, engaging programs for elementary, middle and high school students who are mandated to attend summer school.

This year, there will also be 7,400 seats for second-grade students who are struggling in reading and math, up from a pilot of 3,000 seats last year. These seats will not be mandated, and principals will recommend second-graders for inclusion in the program.

SITC programming aligns with the city’s commitment to equity and excellence for all, which supports progress so that all students are reading at grade level by second grade, 80 percent of high school students graduate on time and two-thirds of graduates are college-ready by 2026. Hands-on summer STEM curricula support the Algebra for All and Computer Science for All initiatives, and all elementary school literacy and math curricula, for both SITC enrichment and mandated summer school students, support the Universal Literacy and Algebra for All initiatives.

“Instilling a deep love of learning that enables students to succeed happens year-round,” said Phil Weinberg, deputy chancellor for teaching and learning. “That’s why I’m thrilled for the second year of Summer in the City, a critical initiative that will help our schools build on the progress made throughout the school year, as we work to achieve our vision of equity and excellence for all. This summer, students can take advantage of enriching opportunities through hands-on explorations of the world around them, while receiving high-quality instruction that will deepen their critical thinking skills, all supported by an engaging curriculum.”

Summer in the City enrichment programing includes the following:

Summer STEM enrichment

STEM Summer in the City started in summer 2015 and expanded in 2016 with support from Microsoft and Arconic Foundation, and this year will offer up to 4,200 students in grades 2 to 10 hands-on learning opportunities around coding, game design, robotics and engineering design. This program’s coding curriculum is aligned to the work of New York City’s Computer Science for All initiative, which is bringing computer science education to every elementary, middle and high school by 2025.  

STEM Matters NYC features hands-on STEM learning through weeklong camps, high school internships and four-week college credit-bearing courses. Programs are offered at the DOE’s Environmental Study Center and NYC Center for Space Science Education, and subjects range from aerospace to animal science, and from oceanography to ecology.

Enrichment for students attending community and renewal schools

K-5 students attending 34 community schools, including 20 renewal schools, will have access to summer instruction, including literacy and math instruction using strategies from the Universal Literacy and Algebra for All initiatives, and enrichment activities. 

There will also be programming for approximately 3,200 renewal school students currently in grades 8 to 11 and on track to graduate. These include a Summer Bridge program giving incoming ninth-graders a chance to acclimate to their new schools, an internship program for students currently in grades 9 to 11 and SAT prep for students currently in grades 10 and 11. These programs will support students on their path to graduation and success in college and careers.

Enrichment for English language learners and families

English language learners in grades 2 to 8 can participate in targeted STEM and reading and writing activities with new, hands-on curricula during the summer. There are also summer learning opportunities for ELL students in high school who are on track to graduate.  

Additionally, we are piloting the Family English Initiative, a program that supports families learning English and developing their English language skills together with their children. This summer, 75 ELL kindergarten and first-grade students will participate with their parents in interactive sessions that incorporate art and culture at select sites.

DREAM programs

The DREAM-SHSI and DREAM Summer/Fall Intensive programs help prepare middle school students eligible for free and reduced-price lunch and those in geographically underrepresented districts for the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test in eighth grade. This year, 33 percent of students in the DREAM programs received offers to the specialized high schools. DREAM participants also comprised 6 percent of Black and Latino testers, but 26 percent of Black and Latino SHSAT offers.

The cost of Summer in the City, both for mandated students and for enrichment, is $86 million.

Information on Summer in the City is being shared with principals and schools in this week’s Principals’ Weekly, and communicated to families through the 2017 Summer in the City Family Guide, which is being backpacked home to families this week. Families will receive information on their child’s seat in an SITC program directly from SITC enrichment programs beginning in May.

All families can visit the SITC website (


Enrichment+Opportunities.htm) or email for more information.