Tamika Mallory (89714)
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Some of New York’s biggest and brightest activists will be royally honored May 25, 2017, at the 1199 Penthouse, in Manhattan, by The Black Institute from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The Rev. Leah D. Daughtry, Linda Sarsour, Tamika D. Mallory and national broadcaster Joy-Ann Reid will be honored at The Black Institute’s “Justice for All Ball.”

According to The Black Institute, their organization shapes scholarly communication and has an impact on public policy from the aspect of the Black community in America and people of color. The Black Institute says that their goal is to build, develop and deliver wealth, power and justice to Black people.

Reid is a correspondent at MSNBC, the author of “We Are the Change We Seek: The Speeches of Barack Obama” and “Fracture: Barack Obama, the Clintons, and the Racial Divide.” Reid was also the host of “The Reid Report” and now “AM Joy” on MSNBC on weekends and is a political commentator. Daughtry is the CEO of the 2016 Democratic National Convention Committee. She was also the CEO of the 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee, chief of staff to Howard Dean and the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Sarsour is an award-winning racial justice and civil rights activist and co-chair of the National Women’s March on Washington. She is the co-founder of the first Muslim online organizing platform, MPowerChange.org, and she participates in the Arab American Association of New York as an outgoing executive director. Mallory is a national civil rights leader and anti-violence campaigner. She is the NYC co-chair for the Gun Violence Awareness Month Initiative and co-chair of the National Women’s March on Washington as well.

The event space is limited so people are asked to reserve their tickets by calling 212-871-6899 or online at theblackinstitute.org. For more information, email events@theblackinstitute.org or visit the website at theblackinstitute.org.