No, we were not in the streets the other day when thousands of Americans marched, demanding President Trump release his tax returns to the public. We, along with the marchers, many of whom were assaulted by pro-Trump forces, demand that he reveal his returns so we can see exactly what he paid in taxes, if anything, his investments and profits and his other business transactions.

Disclosure of his returns will give us some idea of his current business deals, in which he’s still involved and with his sons as overseers. The demands for transparency are something the American people are clearly voicing, and for him to keep dodging the request, if not a violation of the law, it’s a clear indication of his practice of not being forthcoming about his administration and its intentions.

We also raise our voice along with that chorus, led by Rep. Maxine Waters of California, who continues to hammer away at the president and call for his impeachment. Protests in the streets and calls for his impeachment may not be enough to get him out of office, but they are the renewal of the complaints many of us voiced during his campaign.

As taxpayers, we are also concerned about how the president is using our tax dollars, the trips back and forth to his golf course at West Palm Beach, the security payments for protecting his family at Trump Tower and the disbursements to his sons as they fly off to global meetings representing their father. (It was good to hear that the protesters in Mar-a-Lago forced him to alter his usual route home from the golf course.) Already we are told that Trump, still under his first 100 days in office, has outspent in travel what the Obamas spent in eight years.

Along with the financial issues at home, we are nervous about the president’s foreign policy, particularly the provocative moves in the Middle and the Far East, whether dropping a 22,000 pound bomb in Afghanistan, sending a fleet off to the China Sea or having Vice President Pence in Korea, staring menacingly across the DMZ at North Korean troops.

In short, this week as in the previous ones, we don’t have to scurry about looking for reasons to remove Trump from office—his administration presents us with at least one a day. And from the previous week we have an ample supply to keep us going and demanding once again that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!