Menswear design for spring/summer '17 by Haus of Yoshi X Borm.B (238806)

For high-end womenswear, Philomena Zanetti showed a fashionably yet simply styled collection in Berlin for spring/summer 2017. She launched her label in 2014, and her brand is now situated somewhere between ethics and aesthetics in a beautiful line of exclusive, luxury, organic clothing. When designing her fashion-forward pieces, Zanetti always keeps the woman who wears her clothes in perspective. These pieces are lightweight and easy to coordinate and wear.

Zanetti dresses the modern woman who values future-oriented fashion, feminine silhouettes, beauty, exclusivity, quality and sustainability. Each one of her garments expresses a linear look. Her easy-fitting pieces are pure in vivid colors and shapes. Environmental consciousness is an integral part of Zanetti’s designs—they don’t use fur or leather. Her clothes are smartly designed with the finest fabrics and handcrafted with great care for details and finishing.

In menswear, Haus of Yoshi X Bom.B presented a casual collection of sportswear. Born in Korea in 1989, designer Lee Bo Hyung grew up in the city of Incheon, where he was influenced by youth movements. He was also highly influenced by his parents, who have a great artistic sense. When he was young, mountains, rivers and oceans were his playground. Those environments were also a great influence on his artistic designs. He used to reform his clothing and other vintage items and resell them at the street market; over time, he became more interested in fashion design.

There is a deep connection between his background and his brand. He studied fashion in college at the age of 19. Instead of copying other fashion brands, he invested five years of his life searching for his unique brand and style. As a result, Lee has won several awards in Korea and in other countries. Participating in Korean TV’s “Project Runway” show was a turning point in his career. The experience gave him seed money to start his own brand. According to Lee, “Fashion brands not only make clothing, but they share the designer’s thoughts, emotions and lifestyle with consumers.”