Fall designs by Alice McCall (240649)
Credit: Alice McCall

Season after season, Australian designer Alice McCall focuses on intricate detailing. Her brand’s designs remain uniquely feminine. In her collection, she plays with the graphic use of space and color. With fabric techniques from delicate hand embroidery to developing custom in-house designed laces, the concept of craft is something that remains the core of her brand’s DNA. McCall’s clothes are feminine and bohemian in style. For Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, the productions of these designer shows are spectacular!

The Occupants brand, designed by Rebecca Deasy, draws upon personal encounters, creative figures from the past and present and the well-adopted nonchalance of Australian culture to produce garments. Her styles roam on the cusp of streetwear. The idea of Occupants began with a fascination with unabashed youthfulness, which inspired the line. She offers the wearer a different and truly global approach to dressing. During her time at Raffles, she attended master classes in Paris (Arts of Fashion Foundation), and her work was also featured in the Frankfurt Style Competition.

Gary Bigeni is a fashion anomaly with a reputation for masterful draping, intelligent silhouettes, and a sophisticated use of color. Looking at his collection, it’s easy to be seduced by the quiet confidence exuded by the clothes he creates. Each piece is carefully considered to become a wardrobe staple for the modern woman. There’s beauty in the stylish simplicity that he offers his clients. In the line, some pieces show off a restrained chic. His clothes are comfortable, intriguing and easy-to-wear. For a youthful woman, there are fluid folds that honor a woman’s curves, His silhouettes speak of modesty, despite offering slight flashes of skin. Bold hues are news. Fabrics are lightweight.

Gary Bigeni’s signature is preserved with his modern silhouettes. For women, his clothes represent effortless dressing in silk, fine wools and Italian cotton. He often collaborates with artists for prints. His clothes are stocked in more than 20 boutiques nationally in Australia and online.