16-year-old beaten by police in Cartert, N.J. (240998)
Credit: Facebook

The family of a Black 16-year-old is looking for answers after they say police officers brutally beat the teen after a car crash in Middlesex County.

Reports indicate the incident happened May 31 in Carteret, N.J., when officers were following the teen who was driving a black sedan. The officer turned on their lights and the teen said he mistakenly pushed on the gas instead of the brake, resulting in the car crash.

Witnesses said the teen came out of the vehicle with his hands up and police officer Joseph Reiman grabbed the teen and punched him in his eye, making him fall. The officer then reportedly punched him more than a dozen times before he was handcuffed. A second officer then kicked him in the face.

The family of the teen has posted graphic photos of the teen’s injuries on social media that include swollen and bloodied eyes, lips and nose. Witnesses say they heard the teen screaming for help. He suffered injuries to his face and a concussion and was released from the hospital a day later.

“For those of you who support the CARTERET MAYOR and his family PLEASE LOOK AT THIS,” a post with photos by the victim’s half-sister said on Facebook. “‘Allegedly’ (because legally I need to use this term) Mayor Dan Reiman’s brother…OFFICER JOSEPH REIMAN…I’ll say it again, ALLEGEDLY, turned OFF his body camera and beat the shit out of my half-brother for something stupid that he did.”

Reiman is the brother of Carteret mayor Daniel Reiman. The officer has been placed on restricted duty as the investigation into what happened continues.