As part of their jam-packed “Resistance” event, Left Forum hosted a “Does Black Media Matter?” panel June 4.

Tackling and addressing the topic posed by Dred-Scott Keyes, journalist and producer of “The Cutting Edge,” were Milton Allimadi, publisher and editor of Black Star News; Devorah Hill, editor and media professional; Nayaba Arinde, editor of the Amsterdam News and host of Back to Basics; and fellow AmNews journalist and author, Professor Herb Boyd. The panel lasted for two hours. Each panelist discussed the importance of Black media and why African-Americans should continue to support Black media platforms.

The panelists detailed why Black media is essential to telling news stories, whether it be print, digital, radio or blogs. Arinde stated, “There is a huge difference between how we tell our stories and how non-Black media platforms do. We tell our stories with an ingrown understanding of why the status quo reports stories about us, the way they do in the mainstream. We seek to redress the imbalance.” From local news to Bangladesh and North Korea, the reporters touched on a broad range of issues. Many responses and questions came from the audience. “I was very inspired to hear from fellow Black people in media. You can tell they enjoy what they do!” said Dami Akinnusi-Rock, reporter. Like the award-winning documentary filmmaker who worked for broadcasters such as BBC and ITV, other social observers in the audience said they were encouraged to hear from people determined to promote and protect the Black press. “We who document our stories have a duty to stay connected with our communities to feel the pulse of the people at all times,” added Akinnusi-Rock.