With each tweet from our twerp of a president, the nation and world become more imperiled. It was troubling enough when President Trump pulled out of the Paris agreement on climate change and angered and assailed U.S. NATO allies, and now he’s leapt unwisely into the complex Middle East political quagmire with not a scant notion of diplomatic insight or intention.

Whether on domestic issues here at home—and his proposed budget is page after page of insensitivity to the needs of the indigent—or tweeting his way through the rubric of foreign affairs, Trump possesses no political intelligence, no moral compass and he remains tone-deaf to pressing realities that even his cohorts are grappling with.

On Thursday, we may get a better idea of the Russian imbroglio and former FBI Director James Comey’s version of what transpired between him and the president when he testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee. And we agree with Sen. Schumer that his next stop ought to be before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

That Trump has set aside his executive privilege raises a number of questions about Comey’s testimony and what he feels will be divulged. But he may not have possessed the authority to stop it anyway since he had already publicly savaged Comey, calling him a “nut job.”

But we know who the real nut is, and nothing about Trump’s leadership contradicts this conclusion. It’s amazing, to use one of his favorite words, that he would meddle in the throw down between Saudi Arabia and Qatar when even his secretary of state and secretary of defense seem to be reluctant to get involved, fearing to mess with the U.S. relations with Qatar, where more than 10,000 of our military are stationed and from where the U.S. planes conduct their warfare against ISIS and ISIL.

Trump’s recklessness would be astonishing if it weren’t so tragically flawed, so bound for calamity and unrelieved destruction.

There is no way we can, as we face a summer of discontent, endure a mad man in the White House, a fool in the Oval Office, a twerp with a tweet. Trump has sent us a global warning, and we have no choice but to lend our voice to the gathering chorus calling for his impeachment. And we are encouraged that so many more Americans disapprove of the president and that the call for his impeachment is greater than his approval rating.

Need we say more than to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!