For their pre-spring 2018 collection, Ports 1961 was inspired by travel, literally and metaphorically. 1961, the year Ports was founded, marked the start of the true jet-set, of travel as a leisure pastime. Today, Ports 1961 Creative Director Nataša Cagalj and her design team draw influence from the idea of travel as a journey, not only between different locations but also to different experiences, fresh inspirations and new horizons. In their collection, the enjoyment of travel is translated to an enjoyment in dressing.

When you are packing and unpacking, enjoy a sense of exploration, of a journey in progress, rather than a specific destination. You will need a dynamic and spontaneous mix of clothing. Your travel wardrobe should be inspired by far-flung cultures and styles that are juxtaposed and fused in an arresting bricolage. Think about fashion without borders.

In their line, there are stretch British-styled tweeds combined with madras checks and Hispanic stripes, fair Isle knits and matelot stripes, all reflecting an aesthetic restlessness. Port 1961’s shapes are straightforward, graphic and utilitarian, with easy trench coats, wide trousers and aloha shirts. Colors reflect rich Caribbean shades, but sun-bleached to gentle pastel hues of powder pink, cornflower and lettuce. Shoes are styled with woven raffia and set atop Cuban heels, ready for another journey.

The thread running throughout everything is humor. It’s an unpredictability in the blending of styles and cultures. There’s a wit in their new expression in an expansive vacation wardrobe. The line is designed for the woman who travels with everything and the kitchen sink.

Laurence & Chico, a Canadian womenswear and accessories brand, was established in 2015. Designers Laurence Li and Chico Wang are inspired from Laurence’s personalized illustrations that depict their daily lives. The illustrations show the designers as two human characters. Their friends and family are all characterized as animals, plants, fruits or vegetables. In their collections, these illustrations/prints evoke a unique sense of humor with vivid colors. Chico uses these elements to create imaginative, bold, yet delicate, prints and silhouettes for their collection.

In the news today, Kimora Lee Simmons is back on the fashion scene! She introduced a new resort ’18 line and designed a pretty prom dress for her older daughter, Ming Simmons. It’s a Champagne colored silk slip gown that’s (#prom17) simply styled with a side split. Let’s see what’s up with this designer next!