Men's fashion by Odeur Studios (241629)

Oversized, unconstructed, tailored and sophisticated are keywords describing Odeur Studio’s autumn/winter ’17 collection for Berlin Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. As a brand experiment, the label’s looks include graphic and dramatic yet playful garments. In this collection, there were plenty of details, such as straps hanging from tops, contrast stitching and matching fabric drawstring ties to pull together pant legs that could be pulled up or close to the legs for a different look. Loose-fitting men’s shorts showed a flare for the company’s dramatic styling touches. Some flared shorts, slouchy shirts and toppers were news. Their women’s fashions often mirrored their men’s styles. A long, streamlined overcoat topped a matching dress. Main colors were neutrals in white, beige or black. They also featured two-toned looks that were actually separates worn smartly together.

Odeur’s first collection, designed by Petter Hollstrom and Gorjan Lauseger, included a few T-shirt styles that were distributed among a few initial clients in Sweden and Japan. Their brand is available worldwide. They sell jeans, outwear, accessories and fashion clothing.

From Queens, N.Y., Telfar Clemens, who launched his first collection at the age of 15, has developed a remarkable streetwear line. From his European travel, to exposure to contemporary art, to his legendary Fashion Week after parties inside a White Castle hamburger chain, he has made a name for his company. Telfar’s line is original, dramatic and unisex. His fashions are extremely interesting, functional and fashionable.

Roopa is a luxury women’s clothing brand. For her show in Berlin she created a contemporary fusion of art and design for relaxed ready-to-wear fashions. Crafted with the finest fabrics, each garment is designed by artisans with time-proven methods. Her beautiful fabrics include natural fibers and organic dyes. To flatter all body types, there are many original prints and patterns.

“We start the process with mixing patterns, prints and rich textures for the season and identifying the right trend and colors,” explained Roopa. “I take time to do my own research and to understand the best way to support the artisan community through the manufacturing process.” The creative process is done by hand to make each piece truly unique.