Dr. John Henrik Clark with Dr. Yosef be-Jochannan (181361)
Credit: FILE

The Board for the Education of People of African Ancestry will be hosting their 19th annual tribute to Professor John Henrik Clarke Sunday, July 30, at the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church at 212 Tompkins Ave. in Brooklyn. The BEPAA is an organization founded in November 1992 by educators and activists who believed in educating students of African ancestry. The organization works with the Department of Education, principals, teachers and parents.  All members on the committee have experience in community service and activism. The BEPAA is located at the late Dr. John Clarke house on 286 Convent Ave. in Harlem, New York. 

This free event will be honoring Clarke and his legacy. July 16 will mark the 19th year since Clarke died at age 83 of a heart attack. Pan-Africanist Clarke is well-known as a historian, author and educator. During his time, he educated students worldwide about Black history. He wrote six books and contributed to 17 others. He was also a faculty member at Hunter College and Cornell University, where he founded programs that served African-Americans. 

At this year’s event, president of the Institute of Black World, Dr. Ron Daniels, will be the keynote speaker. The Institute of Black World is a research institute for Black studies. The independent organization was founded in Atlanta in the 1960s and was originally a project of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change.

Along with BEPAA founder Dr. Adelaide Sanford, board member the Rev. Dr. Shelia Evans-Tranumn and President General of Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League Michael Duncan will be speaking. 

The Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League is an organization that is focused to serve African-Americans and their communities. Marcus Garvey founded this organization in 1914 in Kingston, Jamaica. They are currently located in Harlem, New York. 

This event starts at 3 p.m. and is open to everyone. 

For more information on this event, please call 347-907-0629.