President Trump, in his continuing attempt to demolish every vestige of the Obama administration, unleashed two missiles of destruction this week.

The first one, which was long expected, targeted Obama’s momentous policy of normalization with Cuba. Trump’s aim to reverse that plan announced tighter travel restrictions that further complicated relations between the U.S. and Cuba, though like much of his promises this one was incomplete. Of course, our unpredictable president certainly will be returning to this issue in due time.

Equally devastating, Trump has said he will nominate a union buster to the National Labor Relations Board. We agree with Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, who denounced the move, asserting that the nomination of Doug Seaton, “would be the latest example of Trump turning his back on workers.”

Seaton, she said, “has spent his professional career fighting workers’ effort to join unions and gain a voice on the job.” This surrogate of Trump “has no place on a board whose sole mission is to empower and protect working people,” she concluded.

Again, our reckless, “enemy of the people” president has dispatched one of his minions to carry out a task that will both hurt American workers and deliver another blow to Obama’s legacy, which is uppermost on the Trump agenda.

We know he’s sure to spend the next few days crowing about the Republican victories in South Carolina and Georgia, reminding the nation that he is once again vindicated and the so-called referendum on him ensures his standing during the next midterm elections.

These elections, and two others in which the Republicans maintained control of House seats, may in the short term provide moments to gloat, but the long-term implications should not be dismissed as the elections indicate narrower and narrower margins of victory.

Still, there is Trump’s approval rating that continues to hover around 40 percent, and if the American workers will wake up and realize what’s in the cards for them with Seaton securing a place at the NLRB then they will have another reason why to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!