A 10-page executive order spelling out Newark’s sanctuary city status and the protocols and protections that the city provides to undocumented immigrants was signed by Mayor Ras Baraka this week.

The order codifies the city’s long-standing practices with regards to the protection of immigrants in communities. The move pushes back against President Donald Trump’s administration’s policies to deport undocumented immigrants. Almost 30 percent of Newark residents were born outside of the United States.

“Fair and welcoming policies make communities safer for citizens and undocumented immigrants alike,” Baraka said. “We will continue to stand by those communities who are most vulnerable and push against the Trump administration’s attacks on immigrants. Our police officers’ job is not to enforce immigration law, it is to protect and serve our residents. Our municipal agencies will not function as immigrant slave catchers.”

At the signing and news conference, Baraka was joined by members of the Newark Municipal Council and other municipal directors. Another measure the city is taking to protect immigrants is providing all residents, regardless of immigrant status, with municipal ID cards, which holders can use to access municipal and other services. Municipal employees, including police officers, housing code inspectors and health officers, cannot inquire about immigration status when assisting persons or answering requests for service.

All residents of and visitors to Newark, regardless of immigration status, will be able to seek essential services from Newark, including medical attention from doctors and hospitals, attend social services programs, schools, churches, libraries and food markets, without inquiry.

The city is also moving to establish the “Fair and Welcoming City Commission,” whose goal will be to ensure implementation of policies. It will also work to improve access to translation and interpretation services, legal representation, citizenship services and English classes.