My best-good friend Raquel has moved back to New York! Since she has been gone, my aimless moments walking the streets of Brooklyn have been few and far between. So when she asked if I wanted to join her and my nephew for a day of hanging out, I was in. The bonus was discovering my new go-to shop next time I am on Atlantic Avenue.

I met Raquel and Spencer at a park on Dean Street for a birthday party for one of Spencer’s new classmates. Great time with a diverse group of children with food, spirits (for the ‘rents) and a piñata to boot.

Our next move was over to Brooklyn Bridge Park at the end of Atlantic Avenue to hook up with friends and their kids in very modern and creative play areas. Too soon time got away from me and I had to make my way back to Harlem for an event.

I was quickly hustling my way across (…up, down?) Atlantic Avenue when I walked by a store I heard of many times. I thought, “Well, I am here, just take a quick lookie-loo,” and into Sahadi’s (@Sahadis, 187 Atlantic Ave., 718-624-4550, I went.

I took an initial quick pass through this almost 60-year-old Mediterranean specialty shop ending in the cheese section. I peeped whitefish salad and picked up a container to put on a fresh BO’s Bagels bagel in the morning. I was about to beeline to the register until cheesemonger Michael came along. He reeled me right in.

Michael first added a container of Ben’s lox cream cheese before demonstrating his love of cheese replete with tastings and sharing photos from his visit to Brooklyn’s Crown Finish Caves, where some of the cheese Sahadi’s carries is aged. So I added their Bismark raw sheep milk cheese to my small pile.

I was sure I was heading to the register now, but passing the prepared foods section I was rapt with fascination. It started with the freshly made hand pies (chicken, cauliflower, cheese), petite spanakopita, and before I knew it I had Maya passing samples over and weighing out fresh hummus, garlic lebany (Lebanese style Greek yogurt), plus the house whitefish and lox spread (put the others back) and octopus. Maya suggested it was time for a basket. She wasn’t wrong.

Although I would be late for my event in Harlem, I just couldn’t stop. What else did I find on my first visit to Sahadi’s? It is all on my blog at

Looking forward to next visits Sahadi’s. Thanks to you and your passionate staff!

Happy eating and thanks for reading!

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