My granny always told me to be grateful for small things. And in the past 150-plus days of this current presidential administration, my gratitude for the minute has greatly expanded.

It’s stretched to thanking God every time a major crime is committed and it’s not an immigrant or a Muslim who committed the act. That was again the case Wednesday morning, June 14, shortly after news broke of a shooting at a congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Va.

As the headline flashed across my phone, I silently prayed that the shooter was not an immigrant or a Muslim before I even clicked the link. Then after I read the story, I thanked the higher power again that it was not anyone from the immigrant or Muslim communities.

Because if it were, I cannot imagine the response would be as tempered from the right as it has been. Let’s face it, any violence, regardless of who commits it, is heinous. No human being made life, and no human has the right to take a life or attempt to.

But the obvious disparity in which this attack is being dealt with versus if it were committed by an immigrant or Muslim boggles my mind and smacks again of the hypocrisy that is politics in America.

This incident to my mind was domestic terrorism, as it was a premeditated act by one gun-toting American meant to create terror and harm and kill a number of lawmakers and aides.

But no siree! No mention of terror here. That word is only reserved if an attacker is immigrant or Muslim, it seems.

There is no doubt in my mind that the incident would have been instantly classified as a terrorist attack if it were determined the shooter were Muslim, or a horrendous premeditated attempt to murder and maim if it had been an immigrant, and worse yet, an undocumented immigrant.

Of course that would have instantly given Donald Trump and his cohorts’ further ammunition to spread falsehoods about the number of murders and barbaric criminal acts being committed by immigrants and the terror being rained down by Islamic terrorists on God-fearing, law-abiding Americans.

The barrage and analysis would have been continuous from the right, and the call to deport all immigrants, beyond the ramped-up measures currently being executed daily by the administration, would have reached a fever pitch.

I can imagine the new DHS Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement office would have been flooded with calls reporting anyone who even looked like an immigrant and urging they be arrested and sent back where they came from.

Trump would not only have cancelled Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals for the parents of undocumented youth but also have cancelled the entire program and tweeted endlessly about how right he was all along and how the court needs to urgently allow his travel ban to become law.

And the right wing would have squawked endlessly about how “illegals” should have no right to the Second Amendment because that right is only reserved for “Americans.”

But thankfully the shooter was no immigrant or Muslim, and so the incident was quickly touted a reason for all Americans to come together and ratchet down the heated political narrative on both sides, and—oh yeah—maybe we need looser gun laws, so everyone can arm themselves and walk around like in the wild west.

In other words, another day in the hypocritical cesspool in the “Patriotic America”—sans immigrants and Muslims!

The writer is CMO at Hard Beat Communications, Inc. which owns the brands NewsAmericasNow, CaribPRWire and InvestCaribbeanNow.