Assemblywoman Latrice Walker (243302)

Assemblywoman Latrice Walker allocated more than 1 million dollars to Brownsville Houses for new appliances that will be arriving to residents starting June 1 with the last delivery scheduled for June 30.

In 2015 Walker started a conversation with Gov. Andrew Cuomo about the historical lack of investment in New York City Housing Authority properties and the need for capital investment.

Under the leadership and advocacy of Walker, Cuomo committed to more than 3 million dollars of capital investment in Brownsville. The money has been committed to projects that include security cameras, lighting, playground improvements, new windows and other capital projects.

Brownsville Houses, which is home to more than 3,000 residents, will receive new appliances, including refrigerators and stoves. The new energy efficient appliances will save NYCHA money on the energy cost that continues to rise and also help alleviate the energy load on the Brooklyn Queens Demand Management System.

The Brownsville Tenant Association President Karrie Scarboro and NYCHA management along with Assemblywoman Walker will be on hand June 30 when appliances are being delivered to residents to make sure all the deliveries go smoothly.