There is a saying that when America sneezes, Britain catches the cold, meaning that whatever the U.S. does, Britain is bound to follow. Aside from hip-hop, reality TV and urban swag, one of the latest American norms to cross the pond and establish itself in the cultural lexicon is the prom.

Now U.K. kids look forward to this grand celebration of scholastic achievement and educational commitment. Of course, as with the U.S., British students get immersed in all the pomp and circumstance of the dress, the shoes, the hair and makeup for the young ladies and the refined suits or tuxes for the young men.

Iyanla Downer-Rose sent one of her photos from her very first prom.

The prom was for the William Hulme’s Grammar School students at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Manchester, England, and it was held Friday, June 30, 2017.

Downer-Rose said, “We are all staying on at the school’s Sixth Form in September to do our A levels [pre-curser classes to get into college].”