President Trump may be temporarily exasperated in his plan to demolish his predecessor’s legacy, but he is no less dangerous and will certainly look for other ways to continue his mission of destruction.

Yes, Obamacare has survived the GOP repeal and replace objectives—which would have pleased Trump to no end—and Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran is still on the books, but now we have to be on guard to withstand Trump’s next moment of mischief.

It’s doubtful that the president will come to the rescue of the poor and elderly, or those afflicted with pre-existing conditions, and insist on the expansion of Medicaid subsidies for those who can’t afford the increasingly high insurance premiums.

To expect Trump to intercede where Republican governors in some 20 states have reneged on the subsidies is like waiting for Godot. Such a measure of charity and humanity would be inconsistent with the generally mean-spirited attitude of the nation’s leader.

At the moment we have a wounded and disconsolate president, still looking for ways for another distraction, another way to put his setbacks in the rearview mirror.

When we hear Trump complaining about the collapse of the GOP health bill and blaming Democrats, we know that he will not be satisfied until he has hatched another scheme, told another lie and plotted another move to diminish the Obama legacy and bolster his already enormously inflated ego.

The inability of the GOP to come up with a health care plan to repeal or replace Obamacare is not a time for celebration, not a time to rest on our laurels, but a time to keep the pressure on and prepare ourselves for what is sure to be a sustained attack on our civil and human rights from an enraged president.

And, oh by the way, the Russian debacle is still on the agenda, and we wait to see how Mr. Mueller will continue his investigation and interrogation of folks in the Trump circle and their links to the Putin regime.

With his approval numbers at a record low, Trump will be all the more determined to appeal to his base, to make some incredible promise that he knows cannot by fulfilled but will look good to his constituents. That has been part and parcel of Trump’s smoke and mirrors strategy.

Many of us are now aware of his phony maneuvers, on to his fake news and firmly resistant to his game plan of blame the victims.

Of course, being hip to a charlatan is one thing. Removing him from office is a daunting task, but we push on and like the thousands who took to the streets July 15 we say to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!