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This week we continue our series on getting a permanent residency or green card in Trump’s America with Option 3: Green card as a special immigrant.

There are four categories of immigrants that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services classify as “special.” The categories are religious workers, special immigrant juveniles, Afghanistan or Iraq nationals who served as translators for the U.S. government and international broadcasters.

To be eligible for a green card as a religious worker, you must have been a member of a bona fide nonprofit religious denomination for at least two years as a religious minister or a professional or non-professional religious worker.

To qualify as a special immigrant juvenile, you must show you have been abused, abandoned or neglected by your parent(s). The purpose of the SIJ program is to help foreign children in the United States who have been abused, abandoned or neglected. If you get a green card under this program, you can never petition for a green card or cards for your parent or parents and you cannot petition for a green card or cards for your sibling or siblings until you become a U.S. citizen.

To qualify as an Afghanistan or Iraq national who served as a translator for the U.S. government, you must show you were employed by or for the U.S. government in Iraq on or after March 20, 2003, for at least one year. In the case of an Afghanistan national who qualified, you should also show that you were employed by the International Security Assistance Force.

To qualify as an international broadcaster, you must be coming to work in the United States as a broadcaster for the International Broadcasting Bureau of the Broadcasting Board of Governors or for a grantee of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. The term “broadcaster” may include a reporter, writer, translator, editor, producer, announcer, news broadcast host, news analysis, editorial and other broadcasting features or a news analysis specialist. The term broadcaster does not include individuals performing purely technical or support services or working in the entertainment field. There is an annual limit of 100 visas in this category. Spouses and children are not counted toward this yearly limit.

Anyone applying as a special immigrant must file Form I-360, Petition for Amerasian, Widow(er) or Special Immigrant and get approved before filing Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. This form must be submitted along with photographs, birth certificate or other records of birth, copies of all passport pages with non-immigrant visas, copy of current passport if applicable, arrest and criminal history, an employment verification letter from the petitioner and Form I-797, approval notice of approval of the Amerasian, Widow(er), or Special Immigrant petition.

Look out for Option 4 next week, in the Eight Ways to Get a Green Card in Trump’s America series!

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