Subway trunstile (244863)
Credit: Pixabay

Senator Jesse Hamilton and Assemblywoman Tremaine Wright hosted a news conference with public defenders and criminal justice reform advocates Tuesday in Brooklyn on legislation to decriminalize turnstile jumping.

Legislation they introduced (S.4841-B) would make turnstile jumping a civil matter, resulting in a potential fine and not a potential arrest, imprisonment or criminal record.

Hamilton also issued a report entitled “Turning Lives Around: The Need to Decriminalize Turnstile Jumping,” detailing the breakdown of arrests, misdemeanor convictions and jail sentences resulting from turnstile jumping over the past four years. People of color represent 92 percent of turnstile jumping arrests.

The effort on turnstile jumping represents part of a broader initiative to end broken windows policing and the resulting harm caused to communities of color, to police-community relations and to the fabric of New York City life.