It could have been nothing but Maad City in Brooklyn this past weekend, but Kendrick Lamar knew exactly how to keep the crowd hyped. His skill set is undeniable. Songwriter and rapper Lamar is currently on tour performing his hit songs from his recent album “DAMN” all over the states and Canada. Pulling songs from other albums, Lamar is also touring with Travis Scott (aka Jacques Webster Jr.), and D.R.A.M. (Shelley Marshaun Massenburg-Smith).The rappers and songwriters are expected to be performing with Lamar in more than 30 shows.

At Thursday’s show, Travis Scott performed on an eagle-like bird. Some of the people in the audience felt that was unique. The crowd seemed intrigued, but with it.

Lamar, also known as K-Dot, had two shows at Barclays Center. Thursday, July 20, and Sunday, July 22, Lamar performed to sold-out audiences. There were a few people who wore K-Dot apparel. Lamar also had a pop-up shop in Manhattan, where he sold some of his limited edition merchandise. There will be other pop-up shops in surrounding states. A surprise was the significant number of Caucasians in the audience, possibly outnumbering the African-Americans. This development was unexpected because some of Lamar’s songs are interpreted as controversial when he sings about Black issues. But overall, the concert was great. For the most part the multi-nominated artist performed by himself. And when he didn’t, there were no more than three people on the stage—dancers and martial artists. Also, there were some elements in the show  that were  inspired by Asian culture.

The audience was there to see Lamar, and he did not disappoint as he performed songs such as “King Kunta,” “All Right,” “Loyalty,” “Humble,” “DNA” and “Swimming Pool.”

The crowd to know every lyric to every song, especially to “DAMN,” which was released on April 14 and became a double platinum earlier this week. After the release of the album, it received a platinum certification in just three weeks and received another after reaching the sales milestone. Lamar is the only artist in 2017 to be certified with a double platinum. He shared his gratitude for his latest achievement with his fans on his Instagram account: “These murals forever belong to my fans. You’ve always taken my words above and beyond. Around the world and back again. With trust. I am forever grateful.”