At a recent Afro/Latin festival in Brooklyn, N.Y., we met up with vendor Keisha Charmaine Felix, author of “More Than a Hair Journey: The Black Woman’s Guide to Self-Love & Loc Maintenance.” A rich red color, her locs are dramatic, glamorous, long and lovely. Her book is a tell-all about the importance of loving yourself and how to care for your hair and your locs.

In the book, Felix answers the question, “What are locs?” Locs begin when you allow your hair to matt without detangling hair.

“This was an outstanding book to read,” stated Dr. Sanika Chirwa, professor, Neuroscience and Pharmacology. “The author delivers a stunning account about her experiences living with locs and how this has greatly enriched her life. She shares a wealth of great advice on how to grow, clean and maintain healthy locs. The knowledge in this book will empower many that still struggle with self-love and being beautiful. This book is recommended as a must-read by everyone.”

Felix addresses all of the unsaid issues about wearing locs, commonly known as dreadlocks or dreads. She inspires other women and men to embark on the journey of wearing locs. They can be a struggle to obtain and maintain; however, the author advises readers on how to care for their hair and she makes it look easy and fashionable.

“More Than a Hair Journey” takes you along her journey with teachable moments. She offers her perspective on a Black American woman’s experience with family, friendship, relationships and self- love.

“Hair is a crucial part of a Black woman’s life,” Felix explained in her book. “It impacts her confidence, sense of beauty and self-esteem.” Read how transitioning from chemically straightened hair to natural locs can open your eyes to your true self. The book is available at