Shayk Ahmadou Bamba was born in Senegal, and he served as a Sufi Master in the religion of Islam, living from 1853 to 1927 under French colonial rule. His life served as a testimony to his undying commitment to the revival of authentic Islam. The religion of peace guided his life as he served and taught the importance of awakening human consciousness, in both the oppressed and the oppressors.

Every year in New York City, the life of Shayk Bamba is celebrated July 28. This year, the Murid Islamic Community in America threw a celebration for Shayk Bamba at the Adam Clayton Powell State Office in Harlem. Serin Mame Mor Mbakke was present for Shayk Ahmadou Bamba. The presentation included speeches given on topics such as the economy, science and a culture of nonviolence, peace and solidarity.