Anti-violence (180592)

Anti-violence activists are highlighting 1000 days of no gun-related homicides in East New York, Brooklyn Aug. 17.

The statistics were confirmed by the NYPD and leaders say the number “demonstrates the total effectiveness of the crisis management system here in New York City with the cure violence model at its core.”

Activist have declared a summer of peace throughout New York City.

“This milestone confirms just that for us out here in East New York,” said A.T. Mitchell. “Not having a homicide in over 1000 days in this particular part of the 75th Precinct equates to close to three years where there has not been a funeral planned by an unfortunate family due to gun violence.”

Saturday, Aug. 26, the community will be having an entire day event celebrating the more than 1000 days free of gun-related homicides. There will be children activities, music, food and guest speakers throughout the course of the day.