It’s being said that the Jets’ best quarterback might still be in college. He hasn’t been drafted yet. For the NFL’s commissioner to welcome the highly touted university prospect to the league next spring as a New York Jet, they’ll have to be one of the league’s worst teams this season, to ensure that will happen. For now, they’ll use the services provided by their 38-year-old veteran quarterback, Josh McCown, who was acquired during the offseason as their Week One starter in two weeks.

“He gives us the best chance to win right now,” says head coach Todd Bowles without any hesitancy, but he is slow to decide which of his young prospects, Bruce Petty or Christian Hackenberg, will be the official backup to McCown. 

“I don’t have a decision on deciding the No. 2,” explained Bowles. “We can go up until game time before that one is done but, we’ll see how this weekend goes, we’ll meet up on it [meaning his coaching staff] next week, and we’ll go from there.”

There seems to be two schools of thought on the Jets’ capabilities for success this season. One thought is the Bowles way, backed up by his young roster of players, trying to win, be productive. And the other measure of success? Tank. Lose as many games as possible to ensure a high draft pick in the upcoming 2018 draft. But the players’ mindset is to win. Losing lessens their value. On average, the average NFL player only has three-and-a-half years of successful football in them. A complexed dichotomy that will soon be determined.

The Jets, 5-11 last year, are 1-2 in the preseason. They play the Philadelphia Eagles tonight (Thursday) at home, MetLife Stadium, their last preseason game before the start of the NFL regular season Sunday, Sept. 10. Game One, the Buffalo Bills, their AFC East division rival. The Jets stay on the road for a consecutive week, having to travel out west to play the Oakland Raiders in Week Two before returning home to officially open their 2017-18 season at MetLife in Week Three against the Miami Dolphins, their other division rival.