Bus accident involving two buses  at 136-04 Northern Blvd in Queens. (248200)
Credit: Twitter/@FNDY

City Council Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez and Council Member Peter Koo called for further collaboration between the City Council, the New York City Department of Transportation and the New York City Police Department to crack down on bad private bus companies and take them out of operation.

This action comes after the fatal crash in Queens earlier in the week involving a Q20 bus and a Dahlia Travel and Tour bus barreling down Northern Boulevard in Queens, resulting in the death of three people, including the bus driver, and injury to more than a dozen others.

Rodriguez announced that he will hold a hearing on regulations for charter buses operating in New York City in the coming months while calling for the NYC DOT to revise its intercity bus permit rules.

Dahlia Travel and Tour buses have a history of deadly accidents and low Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration safety ratings currently with an on-road performance that is worse than 81 percent of other companies.