President Trump, our clown in residence, aka Tweedledum or Tweetledumb, has lined up three more stooges to usher our planet toward doomsday—Michael Dourson, Kathleen Harnett White, and William Wehrum.

Dourson is Trump’s nominee to oversee the EPA’s office that reviews chemicals used in agriculture, industry and household products. Senate approval of him is akin to placing a Dr. Jekyll in charge of this important agency, and he needs no potion to carry out his nefarious deeds.

White, incredibly believes that carbon dioxide is the “gas of life,” and we recommend she take a deep breath of it should she be approved as the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Let that be her first test on the quality of the environment.

Wehrum is Trump’s choice to be the EPA’s chief of clean air and to expect him to adhere to the current regulations is like waiting for the coal industry to halt its greenhouse gas emissions.

In calling them the three stooges we might do a disservice to the slapstick comedians; at least there was an element of humor in their antics. There is nothing funny about what could be the disastrous results at the hands of Dourson, White and Wehrum.

They are a toxic trio whose boss, Scott Pruitt, is no less dangerous, and this terrible quartet is orchestrated by a man who has repeatedly denounced scientific evidence of the perils of climate change and global warming.

We are not only burdened with a lying, conniving, obnoxious, unpredictable president, but also he consistently surrounds himself with nitwits with no other desire than to help him undo the progress of the previous administration, to obliterate the Obama legacy and imperil the planet.

This theme and its characters are reminiscent of a gothic tale, leaving us with a sense of fear and dread. And the only way we can possibly have a happy ending to this scenario from hell is to hope that there are enough concerned Republican senators to block these nominees.

It might be a wish with the same amount of possibility as our president expressing some human decency, and removing the chief instigator of this perilous plot remains our main goal. You know the drill, to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go! #38