Designs from the FashionNXT collections in Portland (250424)

The second night of Portland’s FashioNXT shows was amazing. The completely sold-out audience was very excited by the magnitude of talent and fabulous fashions on the runway. Portland’s finest designers of the day included technology finalists in the UpNXT runway competition, plus the collections of Myriam Marcela, Devon Yan, Oscar Mendoza and Age to Come. German Madrigal (2015 UpNXT winner) showed a stunning unisex collection. There were bridal dresses by PMN, Stephanie D. Couture and Walter Mendez, couture designer to the stars.

Portland designer Myriam Marcela was born in Mexico. Her career started when she was around 10 years old, after she rendered a dress her mother purchased. her design career took a more formal turn when she began studying fashion design in Guadalajara, Mexico. “I have a passion for creating and bringing to life extraordinary clothing,” said the designer. “I take pride in offering the highest quality work possible.” Many of her pieces have a renewed life. She finds joy in revitalizing vintage pieces. She once read, “Couture means attention to detail, from selection of pattern and fabric to the final stitch taken on a hem or buttonhole.”

Canadian-born Oscar Mendoza shows lots of intricate lace looks in black and white. “My collections are the story of a dream, created in a place where reality touches the surreal,” said Mendoza. Often, he will try to metamorphose feelings to shapes, into textures and into ideas that will decorate people’s behavior or the expression tool for people’s personalities. “Fashion is an instrument to demonstrate who we are, to excel our own self-expression to surpass us and to show the world the strong opinions we have,” he commented.

Based in Montreal, Mendoza has a background in visual arts and sound design. His brand was launched in 2013. His vision is to design and fabricate unique pieces that compliment women and their wardrobes.

For children, Age to Come’s collection was on point with wearable, washable and functional clothes for children. The brand was born from a need to create an intersection between style, practicality and social contribution in kid’s fashion. A gender-neutral brand, Age to Come’s aim is to solve common problems children face. What happens when you are on the way to an event and you spill juice on your shirt? You simply reverse your T-shirt and you are good to go. Where are you going to put all of these Legos you need to bring? Open up an expandable pocket on your Alon drop crotch pant and transport all of your treasures.

Their pants, shirts, ponchos and jackets all solve common kid-dressing problems for parents and children. Their utilitarian garments have a purpose beyond just looking great. They are aware that children mainly want to feel nice in their clothes. They cater to garments with base layers of comfortable cotton. By employing a color palette of black, white and gray, they are able to offer pieces for either gender. Mix and match these pieces, and share with other children in the family. Age to Come provides simple and functional clothes that benefit parents and look great on their children. From season to season, their clothes are timeless and stylish.