Dave Roberts (250441)

Despite how it may appear, there is a World Series being played, even though the New York Yankees are not in it. Many Yankee fans acknowledge the last World Series as being played in 2009, the last time that the Bronx Bombers were participants, beating the Philadelphia Phillies in six games for their 27th championship. 

This year’s scheduled seven-game championship series features the Houston Astros representing the American League and the Los Angeles Dodgers representing the National League.

The Dodgers took Game 1 Tuesday, defeating Houston 3-1. Game 2 was last night, Wednesday (no score at press time). Both games were played in Los Angeles before the series is taken to Houston for three games beginning tomorrow, Friday, for three games, and then on Saturday and Sunday, if needed. The remaining two games are scheduled to be played in Los Angeles Tuesday and Wednesday of next week if either of the games are needed to decide the series. Four wins are needed by either team to win the MLB championship.

The Dodgers, originally the Brooklyn Dodgers, haven’t been in a World Series since 1988, when they beat the Oakland Athletics in five games. As a major league franchise, the Dodgers have won six World Series and 22 National League pennants. 

The Dodgers were the first major league baseball team to add a Black ballplayer to their roster when they signed in-fielder Jackie Robinson for their 1947 season. The Dodgers won their first World Series in 1955 as the Brooklyn Dodgers, beating the Yankees. They won their first World Series as the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1959, defeating the Chicago White Sox.

Until the end of the 2012 baseball season, the Houston Astros had been a National League team since 1962, and then they were added to the American League in 2013 in realignment. Houston has never won a World Series in either of the two leagues, but has won a pennant in each—A National League pennant in 2005 and their first American League pennant last week, beating the Yankees in seven games, the American League Championship Series.

The Dodgers beat the Chicago Cubs, last year’s World Series champs in the National League Championship Series, in five games to compete against Houston. The Cubs’ World Series win was their first since 1908.

Managed by former player Dave Roberts, the Dodgers led the majors this season with 104 wins and 58 losses. They have a $240 million payroll. Tuesday’s win was recorded as the shortest championship game played in 25 years, lasting only two hours and 21 minutes. 

Houston scored the most runs of any team this season. Their ace, Dallas Keuchel, took the opening loss. Clayton Kershaw got the win. “It’s a tough lineup over there,” he said, recognizing that Keuchel’s inability to totally control his pitches allowed his team to get into a rhythm to defeat Houston.