With Turkey Day just days away, many people are anxiously cleaning their homes and prepping their pantry for a day of cooking and hosting. Thankfully, there are many apps which can simplify your preparations, now and on the big day itself.

Tech expert and CTO of SRV Network, Inc. Karl Volkman says, “The beauty of technology is that it can turn an otherwise stressful affair into something memorable and connective. You will have more time to enjoy your family and really be present on the big day thanks to these tech finds.”

Here are Volkman’s top picks for Thanksgiving cooks and hosts everywhere:

1) Grocery Gadget Shopping List: “With this app, you can write grocery lists, compare prices, find coupons, and share with friends and family. So if someone has a specific allergen request or a must-have ingredient for their pumpkin pie, you can be sure and have it for them. This great find will make your grocery shopping much less anxiety-ridden—and it will mean you won’t have to run to the store again for all the things you forgot!”

2) Food Network: “This is a great app for cooks everywhere, whether you are a beginner making your first turkey or a chef who has been preparing Thanksgiving dinner for decades. The recipes are easily searchable and they also offer honest reviews that can help you tweak your dish to perfection.”

3) Paprika Recipe Manager: “With this app, you can easily store and organize all of your recipes in the same place. You can scan or manually enter recipes, and you can make them accessible on other devices—so everyone in the family can stop asking you for Aunt Martha’s pecan pie recipe!”

4) Pintrest: “This one might not be immediately obvious as a holiday app pick, but it is a one-stop shop for everything a host needs to know! From ideas for centerpieces to fun craft ideas to keep the kids busy while the turkey cooks, this app is a must for anyone who wants their holiday to be as beautiful as possible.”

5) BlackFriday.fm: “You won’t have to worry about Turkey Day making you miss out on any Black Friday deals with this app! The deals on this app are searchable and carefully organized so whether you are looking for a Dell Inspiron or a new winter coat for your granddaughter, you can stay on top of all the best deals of the season.”