As Donald Trump, one of the most divisive presidents in the history of the United States, continues his economic and social assault on America, and ramps up his class warfare by attempting to push a tax proposal through Congress that would have a deleterious impact on the underclass, middle class, disabled and elderly, sports figures continue to use their expansive platform to resist his kleptocratic administration.

One of the more outspoken opponents of Trump and his policies has been Gregg Popovich, the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs. Popovich, who has won five NBA titles leading the Spurs, has had a profound impact on people’s perspectives of Trump. In some circles the 68-year-old alumnus of the Air Force Academy has been viewed as a viable candidate for a political office, perhaps a House or Senate seat. He is even being encouraged to consider a 2020 run for president.

Earlier this week, Popovich shared with members of the media that he has received an abundance of correspondence from both supporters and detractors of his political positions and criticism of Trump.

“Some responses make you wonder what country you live in, and other responses make you very hopeful,” said Popovich. “But there’s a lot more hopeful than, ‘My gosh, how did this person come up with this?’ So overall, it renews my feeling that something can be done because there are enough people willing to listen and feel and compromise.”

Late last month during the Spurs’ annual Media Day event, Popovich unabashedly expressed his observations of the White House’s current primary occupant. “Our country’s an embarrassment in the world,” he said. “This is an individual that actually thought that when people held arms during the games that they were doing it to honor the flag. That’s delusional. Absolutely delusional, but it’s what we have to live with.”

He added, “So you got a choice; we can continue to bounce our heads off the wall with his conduct, or we can decide that the institutions of our country are more important, that people are more important, that the decent America that we all thought we had and want is more important, and get down to business at the grassroots level and do what we have to do.”