Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan (233002)

Nation of Islam national representative. the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan, 84, held a news conference Nov. 16 at the historic Watergate Hotel, where he directed a message to President Donald Trump. “This s not a hate-filled message,” Farrakhan said during his opening remarks. “This is a message of divine love.”

He continued, “This message is from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad [founder of the Nation of Islam] through Louis Farrakhan. It is a final warning. It is a final call to Black people that you must change the way you think and act.”

Farrakhan said that Black youth were targets and have been under several U.S. presidents.

Directing his attention to the 45th president, he said, “When Mr. Trump was elected, the onion was being peeled back and white civility was gone. They are angry and they are killing us—a war is brewing—the target is Black people!”

In giving an historical perspective to his allegations, Farrakhan noted that former President Ronald Reagan, even as the governor of California, planned “war games” against Black people. “This has continued under six presidents,” Farrakhan said. “However, you caught more hell under the Clinton administration, while calling him the first black president.”

To Trump, he said, “I come to you, no army, no navy. Theses brothers that are around me don’t carry weapons. If you want to kill us, we are here. I’m not running from you. I’m running to you.”

Farrakhan admitted that at one time, this nation was great and that “America needed to reflect on her sins.” He added, “Who is bold enough, strong enough to tell America that ‘you’ have been wrong for a long?”

Referring to Trump’s campaign slogan, he said, “Mr. President, you won’t make America great again, not in our time. America became great killing Native-Americans and enslaving Africans to work the cotton fields.”

Farrakhan warned, “You’re not going to get that opportunity back anymore.”

To those who support the 45th president, Farrakhan said, “You are angry because he’s [Trump] not your reflection. He’s an anomaly. You can’t make him what you desire him to be so you can say, ‘That’s my president.’ He wasn’t made that way.”

He praised former President Barack Obama, who he compared with the prophet Jonah. “He wanted to free us and for that you call him a ‘weak’ president,” Farrakhan said.