Humble School of Martial Arts' 37th annual Humble Thanksgiving feeding (252165)
Credit: Nayaba Arinde photo

Chief Master Sabu and the Humble School of Martial Arts will be hosting its 37th annual Humble Thanksgiving feeding festivity Nov. 23, 2017. This event was started four decades ago to reach the undeserved and underprivileged citizens the New York by helping anyone needing a hot meal, a coat or clothing or just a warm place full of love to seek refuge on this day. 

Sabu noted, “This festivity doesn’t only provide to the needy, but also to the humble as well—that they be reminded of those less fortunate as ourselves; that there is always something each of us can do to make someone else’s life better. This day brings us together in great celebration of all we have to be grateful for—one smile, one heart, one meal at a time. Together, we can show the needy that they are remembered, and are not forgotten. Undoubtedly, you don’t have to be homeless to join us for a meal. Come as you are and we will do the rest, in our strife to make this day one great incentive to preserve hope, happiness and remembrance of the fact that love is stronger than pride.”

Folks are asked to donate to the Humble School of Martial Arts Outreach Initiatives. Call 718-398-7228 or by the school at Restoration Plaza, 1368 Fulton St., Brooklyn, N.Y. (between Brooklyn and New York avenues).

Food, clothing and monetary funding are greatly appreciated in support of these efforts. “Truly, no donation is too small,” said Sabu. “Join us for this Thanksgiving Day. Festivities will continue throughout this season, including but not limited to Christmas and New Year’s Day.”