If you want tickets for tonight’s Brooklyn Nets’ home game against the Oklahoma City Thunder or the Miami Heat for Saturday night, check your passport. Make sure that it’s up to date. Also check departure times of flights leaving for Mexico City, because that’s where these two games are being played.

Although the games are listed on Brooklyn’s schedule as home games, they’re being played at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico as part of the NBA Global Games.

The Mexico games celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first NBA game ever played in Mexico City, the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks in 1992.

“These games will be our 25th and 26th in Mexico, the most played in any country outside of the United States and Canada,” said Adam Silver, the NBA Commissioner. “They will also mark the 25th anniversary of our first game in Mexico City, a milestone in our relationship with our Mexican fans and a further indication of our desire to strengthen our ties to Mexico and Latin America.”

The games will be broadcast live by ESPN and Televisa in Mexico, and will be available to fans around the world on the NBA app. But as much as this junket does for the game of basketball and the NBA internationally, Brooklyn and New York City fans of Oklahoma City’s new lineup of Russell Westbrook, last season’s Most Valuable Player, former New York Knickerbocker Carmelo Anthony, a 10-time all-star, and Paul George, a four-time all-star formerly with the  Indiana Pacers, are being cheated this season, because unless both teams make it to the NBA Finals, Oklahoma only plays Brooklyn twice this season, the game in Mexico City, credited as a Brooklyn home game, and once in Oklahoma in late January.

Brooklyn, now 9-14, is on a one-game win streak after beating the Atlanta Hawks on the road Monday night, 110-90. Led by Caris LeVert’s 17 points and 6 assists and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson’s 16 points and 10 rebounds, both teams kept pace with the other for the first half until Brooklyn blew out the Hawks in the third quarter, 31-15, and by 5 in the fourth quarter.

“We wanted to come in and play super hard tonight,” said Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson. “I think that gives us great momentum going into Mexico.”

Referring to their home loss against the Hawks, 114-102, Saturday afternoon, he added, “We feel like we let one get away at home against these guys.”

Brooklyn has won their last two out of three games but haven’t won consecutive games back to backs since late October, when they defeated the Orlando Magic, and then the Hawks, the first of their four regular season meetings with each of these two teams. The Washington Wizards and Knicks visit Barclays Tuesday and Thursday next week when Brooklyn returns.