Newark Mayor Ras Baraka announced this week that the city is looking to fill the position of Affordable Housing Manager.

The manager will not only ensure that residents have access to the growing number of affordable apartments and homes but also ensure that developers comply with the city’s new and existing affordable housing laws.

“The availability of affordable housing in Newark is growing, fueled by new laws mandating that future development include housing that residents can afford,” Baraka said. “This is an important element of our strategy to ensure that all residents have the opportunity to benefit from the city’s surge of development and increasing prosperity.”

The Housing Inclusion Ordinance, passed in October in Newark, mandates that developers that build or rehabilitate a development of more than 30 units must set aside 20 percent as affordable housing. A similar ordinance requires that all developers receiving tax abatements must include affordable housing.

Baraka said, “We are conducting a search to find someone who will connect residents with available affordable housing and ensure that developers comply with our affordable housing requirements.”

There are currently 156 low-income housing apartment complexes that contain 21,293 affordable apartments for rent in Newark. Many apartments are income-based housing.