We wondered how long it would take in this period of sexual harassment and misconduct before the charges against Trump would be renewed. During his campaign, more than a dozen women had voiced complaints about Trump’s insensitive words and groping, all of which he denied. At last, three women out of several have come forward, putting him on the defensive again with allegations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior.

The charges were given additional heat once Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand entered the fray, tweeting that Trump should resign. It has sparked a round of sharp exchanges between them with Gillibrand calling Trump a “bully” and saying that his tweet about her being “a lightweight” and a “total flunky” to Sen. Chuck Schumer was a “sexist smear.”

While the battle between Gillibrand and Trump rages, we should not lose sight of the three women who last Monday on television boldly reasserted their charges against a sitting president. We join them in their demand that Congress investigate these claims.

There is no chance that Congress will, although we are heartened that Trump’s choice in Alabama was defeated by a long shot Doug Jones. It was morally reprehensible that Trump threw his considerable influence, which proved for naught, behind a candidate facing charges of child molestation.

The current social and political climate is polluted with allegations about sexual harassment and misconduct and we have witnessed recently the retirement or resignation of several significant political and media figures.

Like Gillibrand, we insist that Trump should not be immune to what has been the fate of other powerful men who have abused their privilege.

Sen. Al Franken and Rep. John Conyers Jr. have not received the due process we feel they deserved, and Trump has not been brought before Congress for what we feel he deserves.

No matter how powerful the president is, or any other public figure, they are not above the law, and it’s time the women who reasserted their complaints against Trump are heard.

There is clear evidence of Trump’s misconduct, and it’s good to see that, according to a Quinnipiac poll last week, a vast majority of respondents think Congress should investigate sexual harassment allegations made against Trump.

We were not polled but our position is congruent with this majority, and there’s a growing number of #MeToo people who are joining us in our pledge that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!