During the Obama White House days, Republicans claimed that everything Democrats and the president tried to do was always too expensive. When Democrats tried to establish tuition-free community colleges and pre-K schools, Republicans thought they were being irresponsible with federal dollars. The idea of free education where students had been paying was truly innovative. It would improve the educational system and make Americans more competitive.

This policy would cost the federal government $130 billion over 10 years, and it would be a game changer for education in the United States. Again, Republicans said it was too expensive. But now in 2017, the GOP is about to give the wealthy and large corporations a $1.4 trillion gift.

Trump is on the wrong side of history; his tax reform plan is a bald-faced lie. When he continues to tell Americans that this tax reform will help middle-class and low-income residents, it is not true.

“The beating heart of our plan is a tax cut for working families,” said Trump. “That’s what it is. We’re going to make sure that you keep more of your hard-earned money. We’re going to make sure also that you have a job that you want.”

Now, if you believe in Trumpism, the rich are not going to benefit from the bill. But according to the tax policy center, the biggest benefits in the tax reform would go to families in the top 5 percent and the smallest benefits would go to those in the lowest income brackets.

Somewhere hidden in the bill is a proposal to cut $6 trillion from Medicare, Medicaid, education and other public services. They are also proposing to cut state and local deductions and student loan interest deductions. This bill will hurt everyone who is not wealthy or owns a major corporation.

The elimination of the estate tax would allow individuals such as Trump to pass millions and millions of dollars to their heirs with no capital tax consequences. The tax percentage for the lower income residents would increase and middle-class families would be pushed into a higher tax bracket.

As the Republicans work in the next week to reconcile the two bills, it is time to resist and protest this tax reform bill that is a bad deal for America. The tax reform bill is not law yet, and the House and Senate must agree on one bill for the president to sign.

“Since the House originated this bill, and passed their version first, the Senate now has to send their version back to the House, who will then call a conference committee,” said the Daily Kos. “This is where the differences between the House and Senate versions are theoretically ironed out until there is one bill with language the House and Senate agree on.”

According to most polls, only 33 percent of Americans approve of the tax plan, and more than 50 percent of Americans oppose the bill, based on the Harvard-Harris poll. Also hidden in the bill is a proposed provision to remove the Obamacare individual mandate that could cause 10 million citizens to lose their health care.

Democrats are asking how low will Republicans go, because millions of Americans will be devastated by this bill. When the Senate bill was voted on, and no one knew what was actually in the bill, some parts of the bill were written in pencil, and that is unprecedented and unprofessional.

It is time to put pressure on Republicans to slow down the conference committees so there can be a discussion on what is really in the bill. Most Americans are not getting a tax cut, and the bottom tax bracket will find their taxes going up.

There is no law until the bill is signed by the president. Your federal legislators work for you. Tell your representatives to oppose the tax reform bill and protect middle- and lower-income working Americans, because they are the majority.