Residents who live in Fairmount, Upper Clinton Hill, Weequahic and Lower Broadway areas in Newark can now apply to be a part of the Neighborhood Resident Leadership Academy development program. The Neighborhood Resident Leadership Academy is requesting active members in the Newark area to be a part of the six-month training program. The program will focus on improvements in communication, proper usage of social media, politics, conflict resolution and much more. The Neighborhood Resident Leadership Academy is one of the many programs run by the Local Initiatives Support Corporation of Greater Newark. Since the founding of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation in 1986, it has partnered with numerous community-based organizations and programs, including real estate, finance, entrepreneurship and education. The organization has more than 30 offices located in New Jersey. The Greater Newark LISC has provided more than 2,000 affordable homes to low-income families and invested more than $90 million in low-income communities.

“The goal of the program is to encourage residents to be more active in their community,” said Senior Program Officer Judith Thompson-Morris. “The best thing we can do is build unity and provide entrepreneur and educational opportunities for our neighbors and families. We want our residents to become leaders and be motivated to make a difference in their community. During the six-month program, we are helping our trainees become great advocators and help us have a voice.”

Thompson-Morris joined Greater Newark LISC in 1995, and she monitors economic affairs among their partners and borrowers. She is also a member of the American Planning Association. 

Applications for the Neighborhood Resident Leadership Academy are due Jan. 15. For more information, please contact administrative assistant Candace Johnson, Senior Program Officer Judith Thompson-Morris at 973-624-6676 ext. 2 or