As we enter the second year of the reign of the Trump administration, we are reminded again with his most recent remarks the perilous times in which we live and the need more than ever for the consoling voice and wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

No, Trump was not at any of the events commemorating the birthday of Dr. King, and in many respects we can be thankful for that because it is doubtful he would have had anything rewarding to say about the Drum Major for Peace and Justice.

Dr. King’s legacy and the lunacy of POTUS were put in sharp perspective by Dr. Bernice King, the CEO of the King Center and the great leader’s daughter, during her speech Monday at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where her father was once the co-pastor.

“I think you would agree, in light of the current state of affairs in this nation and in this world, we desperately need my father’s voice, his teachings and his love of humanity,” she said, adding that Trump’s words are not a “reflection of the true spirit of America.”

She continued, “Our collective voice in this hour must always be louder than the voice of one who speaks sometimes on behalf of us.”

The collective voice she cited is one we have been calling for since Trump’s election, and as she said, echoing her father’s love for humanity, requires an even louder outburst of resistance and an even more robust demand for Trump’s removal from office.

With each ignominious tweet and news conference, Trump infuriates a planet that he endangers with his harmful provocations. There is not a crevice of the globe that his stupidity and hatred have not penetrated.

If he’s seeking a “shithole,” he should take a good look around him and observe the feces of indifference in the White House that makes him such a deplorable opposite of Dr. King.

His name should not even be mentioned in the same breath or sentence with Dr. King, but sometimes it is necessary to evoke the image of good to highlight the personification of evil.

We can never be louder and more demanding of political change than the fierce urgency of now, and among our New Year’s resolutions is that we will vote with our feet during the Women’s March and take that energy to the polls during the midterms, all with the main purpose that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!