One year ago we began this campaign, the series of editorials to remove Trump from office, by any means necessary, including impeachment, invoking the 25th Amendment or hoping that in the heat of the Mueller investigation there might be grounds to make him resign under the welter of charges that he obstructed justice during the search for collusion in Russiagate.

To date, POTUS has withstood all of these initiatives, though we are pleased to see that the Mueller investigation is getting closer and closer to putting him on the witness stand.

Of course, we realize that Trump is but one part of the governmental boondoggle the average American faces. The three-day shutdown and all of its implications is exemplary of the general dysfunction in Congress, making it all the more imperative that the opposition forces unify and solidify for the upcoming midterm elections in November.

There are several promising signs that we can turn things around in the nation’s body politic, none more encouraging than to see huge numbers of women take to the streets voicing their disgust with the Trump regime and its determination to take America back to those ignominious dark days.

Our hope is that the marches’ momentum does not dissipate, that it can find ways in the coming months to be consistently rejuvenated and stimulated, and that should not be too hard given the daily abuses delivered by Trump and his minions.

If there’s to be any instance of change it will come from energizing the vote, much like the victory in Alabama that put Doug Jones in office. A glimmer of hope occurred recently with the Pennsylvania court throwing out the state’s congressional map ruling that gerrymandering violates the constitution.

We need a few more such decisions that will help in our fight against voter suppression that disenfranchises millions of Americans.

As we forge ahead in Trump’s second year in office, let us hope that the worst is behind us, though we know that it takes very little to embolden a megalomaniac. We should prepare for more attacks, insults, and lies from the administration—that has been the basic agenda of this autocratic, despotic leader. Yes, one year ago we began these editorials, and as a great civil rights activist said many years ago—“We ain’t by no means tired,” never too tired to exclaim that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!