President Donald Trump's first State of the Union address (255699)

Playing the role of economic cheerleader, President Trump said, “America is open for business and we are competitive once again.” So I guess during Obama’s presidency, America closed its borders and was not ready for business. But to accurately understand Trump’s statements, it is necessary to understand that 75 percent of what he says is a distortion of the truth.

During Trump’s speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, there were some people in the crowd who booed and hissed at his remarks. Trump ignored reporters’ questions about the crude language he had used about African countries, while he was meeting with Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda.

It appears Trump thinks he can make ignorant statements and they will be forgotten or ignored. As Trump spent 36 hours at the annual gathering of political and business elites, he tried to explain how his protectionist policies and building a border wall can go hand in hand with “open for business.”

Many of the world leaders did not believe a word Trump was saying, and when he was not in the room, they agreed the Trump administration is a danger to the world.

“Earlier this week, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced at the forum that his country would join 10 others that have agreed to move forward on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact without the United States,” said Noah Bierman of The Associated Press. “Trump withdrew from the proposed accord shortly after taking office, calling it a horrible deal.”

Here again is an example of the ignorance and psychological state of mind our president is dealing with as he leaves America without a leadership role in the world. Trump is bipolar and in the beginning stages of dementia, so many of his decisions will be wrong and ridiculous.

Not only are countries running in the opposite direction of the United States, they are very disappointed that Trump didn’t say anything positive about global warming, said Environmental Defense Fund president Fred Krupp. “He talked about doing things in partnership and together, and yet the United States is the only country in the world standing aside from the Paris agreement,” said Krupp.

As Trump spends much of his time repealing President Obama’s policies at home and abroad, he fails to understand that Obama’s leadership was respected around the globe. Our president forgets that Obama was a proponent of free trade and he initiated the Paris Agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact and the Iran nuclear deal.

Instead of supporting these brilliant deals and pacts, Trump is destroying economic business opportunities for America and pushing us into an anti-global, closed-border country. In recent economic figures, economists show that U.S. companies and other employers only added 2.1 million jobs in 2017, the lowest job growth in seven years.

Not only is the United States starting to have problems with its economy but also The New York Times reported last week that Trump tried to fire special counsel Robert S. Mueller last June. As the special counsel’s investigation gets closer to the president, there appears to be an international criminal money laundering case with Russia, initiated by the Trump team.

With Trump as our president, there has been an assault on the rule of law. Trump has broken many laws, including collusion with a foreign power, obstruction of justice and money laundering. Trump is an international criminal and there could be a constitutional crisis at any time in America.

It is time for America to take a stand for the rule of law.