Potty-mouth Trump, the alleged POTUS, announced Tuesday at a gathering of law enforcement officials at the White House that he would “love” to see the government shutdown if he doesn’t get his way on immigration.

“We’ll do a shutdown and it’s worth it for our country,” he said. “I’d love to see a shutdown if we don’t get this stuff taken care of.”

What we’d love to see is a shutdown of the Trump administration, and like the deadline imposed to fund the government, we propose a similar deadline for his removal from office.

The bargaining point in his hardline stance on immigration is that he be granted billions of dollars for a long and high wall along the southern border and cuts in legal immigration in exchange for a path to citizenship for some nearly 2 million young illegal immigrants.

In other words, we are back to where we were when the last three-day shutdown happened involving the impasse on immigration, especially the condition facing the DACA program, which Trump eradicated last year.

Once again the Dreamers are a pawn in this game, their lives a bargaining chip Trump continues to use to get his expensive wall built at estimated costs from $12 to $70 billion, depending on who’s doing the counting. If we take the amount listed by Homeland Security, the wall will cost at least $21 billion, and that doesn’t include the cost of possible overruns.

In all of this, much like the battle over contending memos released by the Republicans and Democrats surrounding Russiagate, Trump has the last word, and since he arrived in the Oval Office we know his words are not worth the time of day.

It’s good to hear a few elected officials, even some Republicans, opposing the shutdown and the costly wall, but that won’t be enough for us, the millions of Americans who await Trump’s next move that is sure to arouse another wave of discontent.

We don’t need a government shutdown, we don’t need a costly, ineffective wall and we certainly don’t need a clueless president with about as much sense of direction as a rolling stone. Let us say once more unequivocally that to Make America Great Again—Trump Must Go!